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 In 2016 FBM trained and graduated 57 Life Support Mentors who are working with people experiencing homelessness, Senior Citizens who need friendship and families who need to make today better than yesterday! 

In Life Support we are friends and mentors. We never “rescue,” rather, we seek to “empower” people who have given up in life; maybe not to the point of suicide, but no longer have a desire to strive to make life better today than yesterday. They no longer dream or feel they have a purpose in life. Through loss of job, possessions or family the darkness they feel cannot be defeated and life is accepted the way it is.

The Life Support Mentor works individually with these people. We seek out those people who are in this darkness and want to change. Through our efforts and empowerment they find a small glimmer of light and work to make today better than yesterday and tomorrow better than today. 

FBM Life Support Mentor Training


 Life Support Mentors

A Ministry of Fresh Beginnings Ministries
There are times when loneliness, depression and isolation seem like the only way to live. It is in those dark times of the soul that it is critical to have a friend; someone who takes the time to hear you and “come along side” without judgment or ridicule. 

Our goal is to assist them in discovering who they were before they became who they are. 

This relationship is at times, the only solution to the difficulties of life.
This is why Fresh Beginnings Ministries has created “Life Support.” A ministry dedicated to being a friend when needed. It is an individual “one-on-one” ministry supported by trained and caring people who have a heart for hurting people. The Life Support team has a mission to encourage and care for those who are in a rough stage of life and simply need someone to call upon when the dark times of life come.

Mentor Testimonies


"The mentor training has shown me how to practice my listening skills. Also, it helped identify some of my strengths and weaknesses. LSM training has also made me aware of things to watch out for and boundaries I should set."  Placentia Graduate

"I feel better equipped to effectively serve people experiencing homelessness in getting them off the street." HB Graduate

"LSM training has helped reinforce boundaries needed and recognize real need in people experiencing homelessness." HB Graduate

"This class helped me learn and practice new listening skills and boundaries. It also helped me gain a deeper understanding of the issues people experiencing homelessness are facing."  Placentia Graduate

What is included in Training


 ​​​Life Support Mentor Training Seminars are two 8-hour days filled with education in Life Support Mentoring.
The cost per student includes the 16-hour class time and the Life Support Team training manual. Along with support after graduation.

New Classes Coming!


There are new classes scheduled for 2018 throughout Orange County, CA. 

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