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  On behalf of the City of Costa Mesa’s Network for Homeless Solutions (NHS), it has been an honor to work alongside Fresh Beginnings Ministries for the past 2 years. The City is pleased to report that in 2015 alone, Fresh Beginnings provided over 300 hours of service and resources to various individuals in need, many of which are Costa Mesa homeless residents. From distributing approximately 1,560 family packs to reconnecting 16 homeless individuals back to their loved ones and placing 6 others in housing; from training 80 Costa Mesa Life Support mentors to providing approximately 18,576 forms of meal assistance, Fresh Beginnings has truly made an impact not only in matters concerning the homeless and less fortunate, but among local businesses, other nonprofits partners and City personnel. Thus, it is truly a pleasure to be affiliated with such a dynamic organization that seeks to address the complex needs of others through innovation, collaboration and compassion.” Network for Homeless SolutionsCity of Costa Mesa, Ca.  



 “Having the support of FBM has been an incredible blessing. It has allowed us to provide tangible help to those in need that we never would have been able to do before. We've been able to provide emergency food to families in need and mentor support to those trying to change their life.” 

Shawn Davidson   LOTS - Life on the Streets Ministry 

Senior Sidekicks


 Re: Fresh Beginnings Ministries

To: Whom It May Concern: "Below is a small testimony regarding our experiences with Fresh Beginnings Ministries. The Tower on Nineteenth is the home of over 300 elderly seniors in Costa Mesa. We have been fortunate enough to meet Bill and his team at Fresh Beginnings Ministries, whom have shown to be one of the most caring and giving groups we have ever been associated with. From the Senior Mentor program that has established companionships and lasting friendships with our seniors to providing three course meals at our resident parties. Fresh Beginnings Ministries has made such a positive impact for our community. Even with months gone by, our residents still talk about the delicious food and how truly special these experiences made them feel. We are working with Bill and Milt who are helping to provide free classes to our senior residents on our Mac computers. So far, we have gotten a great response for that program. It seems no matter what our need is, Fresh Beginnings Ministries will find a way to fulfill it. On behalf of the Management and residents of The Tower on Nineteenth, thank you for all you do for our Community, and caring and giving Ministry." Sincerely,

​Lesley Fay Social Services Coordinator The Tower On Nineteenth 

Costa Mesa Homeless Initiative

Network for Homeless Solutions

  In 2014 we were asked to join a group of people in Costa Mesa trying to make a difference in the lives of people experiencing homelessness. This group of amazing people are called:  The Network for Homeless Solutions.   

NHS Partners

 This "Network" of people includes CM City officials as well as Pastors from local churches, such as; CM Church of Christ, The Lighthouse Nazarene Church and organizations such as Trellis in Costa Mesa. FBM is honored to be a part of a group of people who have one goal: To find a way to address the issues that surround people experiencing homelessness. We may not have all of the answers, but it does not stop us from working to addressing the hard questions. 

What is Needed

  In 2015 our collaboration led to forming a fund to help with the Costa Mesa Homeless Initiative. What is needed is monetary assistance to purchase Hotel vouchers, some times bus tickets for re-connections with family or just local bus passes to get much needed medical help.   


 “The partnership between the City of Costa Mesa and Fresh Beginnings Ministries took root a few years ago and I am proud to say that through our collective efforts, the homeless, disadvantaged, and underserved members of the Costa Mesa community are better for it. Bill Nelson has been a selfless ambassador of good will, support, nurturing, and sage wisdom. He has mentored a small army of residents and staff to equip them to serve a challenging population more capably than we could have done on our own.Fresh Beginnings has established credibility and integrity to the City of Costa Mesa, and we are grateful for their unwavering diligence in meeting real needs in our community.” 

 Rick Francis Assistant Chief Executive Officer City of Costa Mesa 


 "The Network for Homeless Solutions, which evolved from the Homeless Task Force, addresses homelessness in Costa Mesa under the jurisdiction of the City Chief Executive Office. Based on the findings of the Homeless Task Force, the City has undertaken a collaborative approach to service delivery, which has led to the development of a strategic framework of priorities tailored to Costa Mesa’s specific context. The Network for Homeless Solutions implements a range of strategies, including street outreach, prevention, rehabilitation, housing assistance, and volunteer coordination."  From the City of Costa Mesa website.  


 “Fresh Beginning Ministry has been a wonderful blessing to our organization and the families we serve. Bill has a huge heart and is always willing to help. As a result of our partnership with FBM, we have been able to provide some of our families with furniture when they get housed (i.e. couch, dining room table, end table). They have provided clothes, blankets, kitchen utensils, computers and so much more to our families. I greatly appreciate all your assistance and we can't thank you enough for all that you do. Thank you FBM for your continued support.” 

Chrissie Lee, MSW, PPSC Case Manager Project Hope Alliance  

Community Sponsors


Faithful Sponsors

 Fresh Beginnings Ministries is the common denominator of people helping people. Every month we support different church groups and benevolence organizations with food, clothing and basic needs of life. Each of the organizations that we support may not know each other, but each one knows of us. As we receive donations for food, clothing, prescriptions and other necessities, we share with the different organizations. 

​ In 2016 FBM assisted in feeding over 27,000 people as well as providing holiday dinners for 415 families and housing for 46 homeless families. Adopting 29 Veteran families for Thanksgiving and Christmas! 

​Regardless of church denomination or affiliation of the business or organization supplying the needs of   people; no matter the method of helping those who need some direction to help themselves, because of God’s grace and resources we will support and give assistance. This is our pledge.

The people who directly receive our food, and other services through our partner organizations may not know who we are; but our mission is to point people to their local churches and organizations who can help them.
This is why we are; “The Common Denominator of People Helping People.” 

FBM in the Beginning

In May 2014, Airway opened its doors to FBM. Since then we have served over 74,000 meals, trained 164 Life Support Mentors and cooked countless meals for 19 different organizations together. In September 2018, we move to our new location at 711 W. 17th St. Costa Mesa, Ca.

Serving through faithful partners

 Fresh Beginnings Ministries would like to show gratitude and appreciation for the following Sponsors:  

  • Airway Packing and Shipping, Costa Mesa CA.
  • DigiPrint Products Inc., Santa Ana, CA.
  • Fountain Bowl, Fountain Valley CA.
  • Schmidty's Garage, Huntington Beach CA.
  • Crate and Barrel, Costa Mesa CA.
  • Hurley International, Costa Mesa CA.
  • Starbucks, Fountain Valley, CA.
  • Breezeway Construction, Huntington Beach CA.
  • Monahan's Steakhouse, Costa Mesa CA. 
  • Pulcini Entertainment, Huntington Beach CA.
  • Hilton Hotels Costa Mesa Ca.
  • 264 FBM Association Members throughout Southern California.

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